Saw the “Green Book” movie and I freakin’ loved it… pretty amazing and well-done film!

Yesterday afternoon, I saw the “Green Book” movie. I’ve been hearing a lot of good things about this movie and it looked interesting to me so I went to see it for myself. I thought it was a very good movie. It was pretty amazing really and I was really impressed with it. It’s definitely one of the best movies of this year for sure.

This is a drama/comedy film about friendship and it’s also a road movie as you can see. There’s a lot of road movies out there but this one of the best road movies I’ve seen in a long time. This is a film about a nightclub bouncer who’s looking for work while the club he worked at closed down for a while due to renovations. This nightclub bouncer whose name is Tony Lip (played by Viggo Mortesen) just didn’t want to stay home and do nothing and he just wanted to keep working. Tony gets hired to be a driver for a black man who is a virtuoso pianist by the name of Dr. Don Shirley (played by Mahershala Ali). Don Shirley is about to go on tour for his piano playing and he wants Tony to be his driver. They go down South for the tour. At first they had a hard time getting along for the first half of the movie and the second half, they became really close friends. Since these two are on the road, they will of course experience quite an adventure and they will experience a lot of ups and downs while on tour. There will be a lot of funny moments and a lot of emotional moments. This movie is taking place during the early 60’s so it will be taken place during the times of the segregation, back in the times when blacks weren’t accepted in this country.

I thought this movie was well done overall. Great writing, great acting, great directing and great cinematography as well. Of course, I was impressed with the film’s leading stars, Viggo and Mahershala. I think those two are going to get Oscar nominated for sure. Will this film get “Best Picture” nomination as well? Hopefully and I think it will. There are plenty of buddy movies out there but if you want to watch a real buddy movie, see this one. This movie had a lot of heart and it really showed you what friendship between two men is all about. A lot of times, two men who are best friends with each other first met by not getting along at first. I think this film can relate to every man in this country for this reason. I certainly made friends with other guys by not getting along with them at first. Happens with everybody. That’s how friendships grow.

I thought it was a beautifully made movie. It was perfect. Hollywood certainly doesn’t make movies like this anymore. After all the popcorn movies and action flicks full of CGI, it was refreshing to finally watch a serious movie like this. I love serious drama films and we need more of them.

Go see “Green Book” before it stops playing. You won’t be disappointed at all.


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