When will the Best of 2018 music and movies list come out??? Probably sometime in Jan. maybe…

It’s almost at the end of the year and every year on my blog, I always do a top 15 lists for best of 2018 for both music and movies. Both of these lists will come out sometime in Jan. or maybe later on ’cause there are still some more 2018 movies I need to see and there are still more 2018 music albums I need to hear.

I love doing Best of lists but sometimes they are a pain to put together. I’ll get around to working on them soon though. Actually, it’s a lot tougher putting Best of Music lists together than Movies. The reason it gets so hard to think of best picks for Music is that it’s hard to find good music nowadays. 2018 wasn’t the best year for music.. I’m still trying to find good music, though and sometimes I stumble upon something real good. It’s getting rare and rare to find good music ’cause the music industry simply sucks nowadays. There are some albums I still want to hear that came out this year, though.

Both of these lists will come pretty soon. When I’m ready, I’ll post them as soon as possible.


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