The band Disturbed doesn’t deserve to get hated on, they’re a pretty rockin’ band… I love ’em!!!

Over the weekend, I bought two of Disturbed’s albums off of Itunes. I bought their first album, “The Sickness” and their newest album they just put out, “Evolution”. I used to listen that band Disturbed back in the early 2000’s years when that hit song “Down with the Sickness” started taking over the radio airwaves. Of course, everyone is familiar with that song as that song is considered the band’s anthem. I bought “The Sickness” album on CD when it came out and used to listen to it all the freakin’ time. I don’t have the CD anymore so I re-bought the album digitally and I forgot how sick of an album “The Sickness” really is. It really is an amazing record. Definitely one of the best metal and hard rock albums of all time.

Then I decided to buy their newest album “Evolution” in which everyone on the internet is talking about. The album is getting mostly negative reviews for whatever reason. I gave the album a listen once over the weekend and I really liked it a lot. I was trying to figure out why a lot of Disturbed fans hated that album, “Evolution”. When I listened to that album, I can see why a lot of people hate it. Over the weekend, I decided to give all the other Disturbed albums a listen. I decided to listen to the rest of the Disturbed albums in youtube since I don’t own the rest of them. On youtube, I listened to: “Believe”, “Ten Thousand Fists”, “Indestructible”, “Asylum” and “Immortalized”. I listened to all the band’s previous albums and I’m like, “Okay, I can understand why fans are upset ’cause the band changed directions with the music”.

The first 6 albums in the band’s career were all hard and heavy rockin’ albums. All their songs were pretty heavy and headbanging stuff… yet, when the band released “Evolution” this year, they decided to change directions with that album. The new album has songs that are mostly mellow and the songs are slower. This is why the fans are complaining ’cause the band decided to do something ballsy by mellowing it out. There are some heavy rockers on the new album, “Evolution” but most of the album is full of ballads. Is that why fans are upset? They’re upset at the band deciding to mellow out a little bit?

I can absolutely see why the band decided to mellow out on “Evolution” some ’cause the band spent the past ten years or more playing hard and heavy music and they were probably getting tired of it. I love it when bands do that. Decide to take big risks with their music and Disturbed did just that. Fans complain that all their songs sound the same but when Disturbed decided to sound completely different on “Evolution”, the fans are still complaining and hating. I can see why fans are complaining about the new record “Evolution” ’cause it’s different than their older stuff. Disturbed just simply wanted a break from playing heavy music all the time and I can’t blame them.

With that being said, I loved the new album “Evolution”. It showed a different side of the band and they wanted to show their listeners that they can be songwriters. They wanted to show fans that they are more than just heavy music. I was impressed with David Draiman’s vocals on the new album as it showed that he can be a “singer” than just a hard rock singer.

I think Disturbed is a phenomenal band and I would love to see them live myself. Donegan is a great guitarist and Draiman’s one of the best rock vocalist of all time. I think that band is tight as hell when they play their hard rock stuff. Some say Disturbed hard rock music all sounds the same? Um,  please. They all sound different to me. It’s just good ol’ metal. That is all.

Disturbed is one of the top metal bands in the industry and they are a best selling band. Usually the most successful metal bands are the most hated so just ignore the haters and enjoy the music.



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