Happy new year, y’all!!!

Well it’s a new year which is 2019.

A lot of people like to make the Holidays an excuse for taking a break of working out but no taking breaks from me. Honestly, I took a little break from working out in the gym during Christmas. Not a long one but a short one. The day after Christmas, I went back to working out in the gym right away.

I went to the gym yesterday on New Year’s Eve and went to the gym today on New Year’s Day. The 4 day a week routine in the gym continues. I did a good job keeping my 4 day a week routine going throughout most of 2018 and lets keep it going throughout 2019 with very little breaks.

I have to keep going with the gym 4 days a week. I love working out 4 days a week and it’s all paying off.

Everywhere I go lately, people give me compliments on my physique. I’m getting kind compliments on my bodybuilding physique by everyone I talk to pretty much. I get comments like: “Wow, you’re looking ripped”, “You’re getting huge”, “You got some guns on your arms. Damn.”, etc. blah blah blah… you get the deal. I feel honored and humbled that people like what I do.

Anyway, the bodybuilding and powerlifting continues throughout 2019. People may like what I do now but I’m going to keep going. Keep trying to get bigger and stronger. People think it’s impossible to get big and ripped without steroids and I’m about to prove everyone wrong. I love weightlifting, yo. It’s my passion and my blood.

When people give you compliments on your bodybuilding physique, you can’t be an egomaniac about it. I try to stay humble as possible. It’s nice that I get kind compliments on my physique constantly but I always feel I have lots of work and lots of learning to do. I’m just getting started, ya know? My goal is that I want to keep getting bigger and bigger. I want to look like those wrestlers you see on TV and I want to look like those action stars you see in the movies. I believe you can look like that. I just want that muscular look and I’m going for it. I’ve always dreamed of having a big and muscular body and you can make your dream come true. People will doubt you, criticize you and call you delusional but you can prove ’em wrong.

Anyhow, what are my other goals and new year’s resolutions for 2019 (besides fitness goals, that is?)

Well I’m going to play my guitar a lot more that’s for sure. I want to make more original music this year and continue to learn more cover songs as well. I want to make more music and upload it to the internet.

I hate making new year’s resolutions ’cause most of them never happen anyway but I’m definitely going to make what I talked about above happen. I’m going to try to post on the blog a lot more too.

As for 2019,  I’m going continue to be me and just enjoy life.

My lists of Best of 2018 for both music and movies will be coming soon. I’m thinking of making those lists in a videoblog which I think would be fun.


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