Could Phish get a slot at Woodstock 2019 at Watkins Glen??? Me thinks yes!!!

Michael Lang said in that Rolling Stone interview that he already has the Woodstock 2019 lineup already booked. Will the band Phish get a slot at Woodstock 2019 as part of their summer tour they just announced? Woodstock 2019 is scheduled for Aug. 16th, 17th and 18th.

If you look at Phish’s tour schedule you’ll see that Phish doesn’t have those dates: Aug 16th, 17th and 18th listed at all. Could it be that Phish will soon add Woodstock to their tour schedule once they get the permission to announce it?

Check it out:

It’s a possibility that Phish may get a slot at Lang’s Woodstock 2019 so we’ll have to wait and see. Phish got a headlining slot at this year’s Bonnaroo festival and they are playing 3 sets at that festival. Don’t be surprised Phish could be playing at Woodstock this year.

I know the band Phish isn’t for everyone but I fucking love them still. A lot of fans turned their backs on Phish over the years but I never have. I’ve always loved Phish and still find them a phenomenal band. I love Trey Anastasio as I think he’s a great guitarist and great songwriter too. He’s also one of the best live performers so I don’t understand why people hate Phish. I think they are great and I plan on collection all of their studio albums once I complete the rest of the Grateful Dead’s collection of studio albums.

Yeah, I am a huge fan of the jam band genre. I love all sorts of music. I listen to everything pretty much.


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