How often should I max out and test my p.r. in powerlifting training????

In training for powerlifting competitions, I was just told by someone with a lot of powerlifting experience that you don’t want to max out and text your 1 Rep max every week especially when you start getting heavy. When you’re just starting out in powerlifting, it’s okay to test your 1 rep max weekly when doing the lighter weights but when you start getting heavy, you’ve got to test your 1 rep max less and less.

I just figured out why I took my back out when doing the heavy 295 p.r.’s several weeks back on the deadlift. It wasn’t because of my bad form and all. It’s simply because I’ve been maxing out heavy too often. Doing heavy deadlift p.r.’s every week is bad for the body. I’ve noticed it’s been wearing my body out for doing that so from now on I’m going to have to start doing my 1 rep maxes on the three big lifts: deadlift, squats and bench like once a month would be good enough. You don’t want to test your 1 rep max all the time. If you do, you could get some negative side effects like some pretty bad injuries all over or worse your lifting days could be over for a long while. I don’t want any of that to happen and I don’t want my powerlifting dreams to end this soon so I gotta be more careful. I gotta calm down on testing my 1 rep maxes and do them once a month like I said.

My goal is to become one of the greats in powerlifting which I’m not afraid to say and I don’t want to get weaker… I want to get stronger. I want to be a beast. I want to be a monster in powerlifting.

Less is more to get more strength. There are no secret magic tricks to bring your pr’s up faster. You just gotta keep lifting and lifting and lifting and never give up. Gotta stay consistent and you’ll get stronger.

So each week on the big three lifts: bench, squat and deadlift… I’ll keep training for reps and won’t test out my pr’s for a long while. Maybe in about 3 or 4 weeks, I’ll test out my 1 rep maxes again. The more you test out your 1 rep maxes, the weaker you get. Remember, less is more.

I’m pretty new to this whole powerlifting thing and I’m just learning. I’m a newbie in powerlifting. I’m pretty much doing all this by myself with no coaches and no workout partner. I should get a partner in powerlifting training so I’ll have to start looking for one. I know a few people who are friends of mine that are competitive powerlifters but they live all the way in Albany so it would be tough for us to get together and train. I am going to do another powerlifting meet at Albany Strength at the end of March. I want to save myself for that one and want to be at my absolute best. I want to go in there and put on a show and I don’t want to mess this one up. I’m hoping to pull a 300 lb. deadlift at this meet and I know I can do it. I pulled a 300 lb. deadlift once and I’m going to try it again in like 3 or 4 weeks. This weekend is back day which means it’ll be deadlifting day but I’m not gonna max out… I’m just going to train for reps for a long while. Get more strength and who knows? Maybe I could pull a 310 lb. deadlift next time? We’ll wait and see.

When you’re a competitive powerlifter, you don’t want to max out every week. I’m new to powerlifting and I’ve only done two meets. I want to do a lot more.

I’m loving the sport, though. Powerlifting is a blast. I want to be in it for a pretty long time. I’m so happy I’ve discovered powerlifting ’cause I can’t play any other sports. I just want to do a sport that I can be good at and I think powerlifting is it.



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