More on testing out my 1 rep max in powerlifting…

I was just doing some googling on how often you should test out your 1 rep maxes in the gym and come across this great paragraph from the article below:

And don’t try for a new one-rep max every time you hit the gym. Give muscles plenty of time to recover and strengthen. Different programs call for varied numbers of one-rep max tests in a single day, but it is not often that more than three tests are performed in a single session. Consider performing tests every six to 12 weeks, or as your program deems necessary. And remember: Bigger gains in strength will be made as a beginner than at any other point in a strength training “career.” Don’t be discouraged — getting stronger is a tortoise’s game, not a hare’s .

Testing out my 1 rep maxes for my personal records on the big three lifts: deadlift, bench and squats for every six weeks sounds like a good idea! I need to give my muscles plenty of time to recover and rest. I’ll wait 6 weeks to do my next pr’s and who knows, my pr’s for all 3 lifts will go up even more! Throughout those 6 weeks, I’ll just do my regular training on those three lifts for reps but not test my pr for a while.

Last time I tested out my pr on deadlift was the big 300 lb. which was two weeks ago, I think. So I won’t max out on deadlift again for the next 4 or 5 weeks. Sounds like a good idea.

I’ve also been reading a lot about powerlifting training through google today. Through google, I’ve been reading about “peaking” your pr’s before meet day. What that means is on week 4 before meet day, you do your heaviest lifts and then you drop weights down for the next three weeks so you won’t feel fatigue and beat up before meet day. Which is a good idea. I want to hit the big lifts on deadlift for meet day and I don’t want to miss the big ones so I need to learn how to “peak”. I’ve been doing a lot of reading on “peaking” the pr’s and it sounds useful.

If I want to become a great powerlifter, meaning become one of the greats, winning a lot of respect and be looked up to by a lot of people… I need to learn how to do powerlifting smart and carefully. Less is more to build more strength and to hit those bigger pr’s.

I’ll admit that maxing out my pr’s every week was dumb and I’m gonna stop that immediately. I’m new to powerlifting so I got a lot to learn.

Also, I’ve got to stop cutting and stop losing pounds ’cause I’m noticing I’m losing a few pounds by eating less calories and doing a lot of cardio. If I want to hit the big pr’s, I’ll need to bulk up. Since it’s getting closer to meet time (2 months away), I gotta eat more and put a few more pounds on me. I’ll start doing that now. Maybe I should do bulking and cutting when it comes to powerlifting.

My goal is to become a great powerlifter and I’m confident enough to say that. I really love the sport and glad I discovered it. Wished I discovered it a long time ago.


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