Making vlogs without getting copyright pings on music, there is a way…

So I’m making a full time return to video blogging this  year. Only thing, I would need all kinds of music for my vlogs. I would love to put all kinds of my favorite songs in my vlogs but of course, licensing and copyright would be an issue. I want to avoid getting those annoying copyright pings through facebook. There is a way to add music to your vlogs, though.

Throughout the internet there are plenty of music with “free-royalty” where you can legally download songs and sound effects for your vlogs. Just gotta go through google and do your research which I have been doing this week. I want to find all kinds of instrumental music for my vlogs ’cause I’m planning on making my vlogs kind of like my own reality show, where I film almost everything going on in my life. Kind of like my own TV show for the internet, ya know?

A lot of internet people have been doing this similar thing. Making their vlogs kind of like a reality show. I want to do the same thing. I want to do vlogs mostly on my weightlifting and powerlifting adventures, though. I also want to do stuff on my music ’cause I want to get the music thing going.

I think I’m due for a new Ipad and a new Ipod Touch ’cause I have the older versions of those. I have the old Ipad 2 and the old Ipod Touch 4. The older those devices get, the more problems I have with them ’cause I’m having all kinds of problems with both of those devices when trying to make videos. Apple does it on purpose as a way to force you to buy new devices and I think I will do that this year. I’m planning on buying the Ipad Air and the Ipod Touch Generation 6. I could use a better camera anyways.

I took a long hiatus from vlogging but I want to get back into it full time. I just want to entertain my supporters and have fun and hopefully get even more supporters with vlogging.

Blogging on wordpress is pretty much dead nowadays. No one cares for regular blogs anymore. Vlogging has now taken over and I’m about to join the bandwagon full time. This is gonna be fun.


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