One of the reasons I respect Sly Stallone so much is that he’s not afraid to sacrifice his body to put on a good action movie…

When Sly does action movies, he has done most of his own stunts over the years and he was never afraid to put his body on the line just to put on a good action movie. He has gotten serious injuries while filming action movies in the past, many times. His most serious injury that he had while filming was that Stone Cold Steve Austin broke his neck for real and now part of Sly’s neck is made of metal ’cause of it.

“Rambo: Last Blood” must be a pretty serious action movie if Sly said that film put a lot of damage in his body. A lot of people have been skeptical of “Rambo: Last Blood” ’cause of its Western feeling of the film so far but Sly kept teasing on instagram that “Last Blood” will have a lot of violence and blood and I believe him. Trust Sly, y’all. Rambo “Last Blood” will make us Rambo fans happy, I’m sure.

It seems to me that Sly doesn’t care if he gets injuries or puts damage to his body or not ’cause the man is willing to do anything to put on a great action movie. This is impressive especially for a man who’s in his 70’s right now.

I can’t wait for “Rambo: Last Blood”, though as the film is hitting the theaters in Sept. and I’m sure we’ll get our first trailer real soon. Hopefully we get the trailer this Spring ’cause I’m sure there will be a lot of heavy marketing of the film this year. Could be the biggest action of the movie of the year if marketed right. Hope it does well in the box office.


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