My upcoming vlogs about powerlifting will be documentary style, almost like a reality show or something…

In the past, I thought about making my video project that I’ve been talking about with a professional film maker that I would hire. I realized that’s gonna be pretty costly. Hiring a local film maker to make a documentary about me won’t be cheap, I know that. I already have some pretty decent film making skills myself and I think I make good enough videos. I think it’s better to make the online documentary about me all by myself. I have a handheld digital camera which I haven’t used in a long time but I’m gonna start using it again. I also have an Ipad and Ipod Touch with cameras on them so I’m gonna film plenty of footage.

The documentary about me will have music on them, they’ll have me doing voiceovers, I’m going to film myself everywhere as much as possible, I’ll do my own interviews and all that stuff. I’m going to do this video project all by myself except I’m going to have other people film me ’cause there are going to be times where I won’t be able to hold the camera on my own. I already do a pretty good job making professional enough videos so I might as well do it all by myself.

Like I said in a previous post, I plan on buying a new Ipad and a new Ipod Touch for a much improved camera. I do have a handheld digital camera too, though.

This is gonna be an awesome project and looking forward to sharing my life story with everyone.

I’m currently filming footage for the project this week already. The powerlifting videos will be an ongoing series, I think.


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