My video project is coming along well so far, I’ve been working on it all week…

I’m taking my own online documentary project very seriously and planning on making the first video well as possible. I’m thinking a lot of people are going to like it and may find it inspiring. I’m hoping it’ll get a lot of views. I’m just filming footage for it all week. Writing my ideas down and plotting everything of what my first video for the project will be like.

What’s going to be on it is going to be me talking about my life… starting from my childhood until now. Kind of like my own “autobiography” but doing it in video format instead of writing a book.

I think my story finally needs to be told. I won’t get too personal about my life but it’s mostly going to be about how I discovered music and weightlifting. That’s what it’s mostly going to be about, music and weightlifting. That’s the idea, ya know?

I’m getting very excited about this project and I’m already having fun with it. When will the first video be uploaded online? Well, once I finished writing the script and filming footage, I’ll start editing it this weekend so the first video probably won’t be uploaded until sometime next week. I’ve been filming my gym days all week. Gonna film my deadlift days tomorrow. I’m going to do a self interview for this video too and I gotta start working on that. The video could end up being pretty long like 15 to 20 minutes. It’s gonna be a documentary and online autobiography.

I think this is a good idea and I want to get it done. This video is going to take a long time to make but I want to make it good. It will be “good”, trust me. I think you’ll like it. Even all the haters that I have out there may even find it inspiring. It’s gonna be a cool project. Stay tuned, y’all!


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