Videoblog about my powerlifting adventures will come sometime next week…

So all weekend, I’ve been working on a test run of the video intro and video outro of my first video blog about powerlifting. Yeah, I’ll be having an intro and outro to all of my videoblogs. I picked out great music for both the intro and the outro that works perfectly.

I’m pretty much done filming footage for my first videoblog but still, I got to video tape myself talking about my weightlifting and powerlifting stuff. I’ve been writing the script for that on the Teleprompter app. I’m going to make sure that my speeches on the videoblog are going to be very well-spoken. I’m going to make sure every word is going to be spoken clearly and slowly. I’m gonna try not to mumble and stutter. If I do happen to mumble and stutter and mess up, I’ll start over again until it’s perfect. That’s how I do videoblogs. I’ll admit that I’m not the greatest speaker in the world but me making videoblogs could help improve my speaking skills. I’ll be filming my speeches over and over again until I find a take that is absolute perfect.

I want these videoblogs to be entertaining and they will be, trust me. Some of you may ask, is me joining the videoblog bandwagon an ego trip? I’m sure that’s what some of you are thinking but not really. My goal with these videos that I’m planning is that I hope to inspire other people and even help others with their dreams and goals in life. They’re not gonna be just about me at all. That’s all I hope to do is inspire and motivate others to hit the gym no matter who they are. I’m going to be talking about scoliosis a lot in these videos and think it’s finally time to start bringing awareness to that condition. People want to believe that weightlifting is dangerous for people with scoliosis and I want to help debunk that myth completely.

I’m excited to release this video soon. I really think a lot of people will like these videos I’m planning and I’m hoping they’ll get a lot of views. If not, oh well, I just want to get “My Story” told. I think it’s time to do that.

There are so many misconceptions about me and people always judging me and shit and maybe these videoblogs will help people realize who I really am. That’s what videoblogs are good for. Show people who you really are, ya know? That’s the goal. Stay tuned.


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