Making videos on the Ipad sucks, I like making videos on the PC better…

While I love making videos for the internet, I don’t enjoy making videos on the Ipad, though. It’s kind of annoying ’cause making big videos takes up so much space and stuff. I prefer making videos on the PC more so sometime this year, I’m probably gonna buy some video making software for my PC. What software will I get?

I’ll probably end up getting the PC version of “Pinnacle Studio” ’cause it’s really nice. I have Pinnacle Pro studio for the Ipad 2 which costed me $12.99 but sometime this year probably in the Spring/Summer, I’m planning to buy the PC version. I’m going to plan on buying the newest Pinnacle Studio 22 but which version will I get?

I’ll probably get Pinnacle Studio the Ultimate Version:

This software is a little pricey but it’ll be worth it, I think. If I get that, I’ll be able to make even cooler videos and they’ll be more professional and Hollywood-like. I’ll get that software in a couple of months. Maybe in the month of May I’ll get it.

I definitely need to get new movie making software for sure ’cause the Ipad version of Pinnacle Pro is pretty small and basic but you can still make cool videos, though. I just want something bigger and better.

For now I’ll continue to make videos on the Ipad until I get new software for the PC.


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