Just got my JVC Everio handheld digital camera all ready to go… time to get back into videoblogging…

Well today, I got my JVC Everio handheld digital camera out and ready to go. Since that handheld video camera was purchased online like 10 years ago, I was worried that an old digital handheld camera wouldn’t work well on this computer. When I playback videos on this computer from the camera, it wasn’t working well at first ’cause all I was hearing was just audio and no picture. It then tells me in order to get picture on the videos, I needed to install an Mpeg 2 plugin which I did and it worked that time. Yep, my HD handheld Everio camera surprisingly works good still so I don’t need to bother buying a new video camera at all.

So for video equipment, I’ll be using a combination of the handheld Everio, an Ipad and an Ipod. The Ipad and the Ipod has decent picture quality but the Everio camera has even better picture quality.

I’m definitely ready to get back into making videobogs again. It seems that people are enjoying “My Story – Part 1” and I’m going to begin work on “My Story – Part 2” this week. I’m going to start writing the script down for “My Story – Part 2” tonight and will start filming tomorrow leading up to Saturday’s powerlifting meet.

I’m excited to get back into video blogging. As you can see on “My Story – Part 1”, I wasn’t kidding when I said I was going to make these videos into like my own TV series/reality show kind of thing but they will be internet exclusive only. I’ll be filming all of my lifts at the Powerlifting Meet with the handheld camera but I will get someone else to videotape me lifting, of course.

On the Everio camera, I was trying to figure out how to get videos off of there and import them to my Ipad but I can’t do that. I can only get the videos off the Everio and import them into my PC but there is a way I can get them onto my Ipad by uploading the videos in my dropbox account.

Glad to get my digital video camera working again. Now lets make some videos!



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