It is now 1 week out of powerlifting meet at Albany Strength… the meet is this coming Saturday…

Well, today I’m planning to hit the gym for back day but it’s gonna be another light, easy and quick day of lifting. I am done heavy lifting until meet day this coming Sat. March 30th at Albany Strength. Starting tomorrow, I’m gonna take 5 days off of gym ’cause I need plenty of resting and healing before meet day. Want to keep my strength so I can do well and kick ass on meet day March 30th.

That’s how you want to do powerlifting. Spend months and months with strength training but when it comes getting close to meet time, you gotta start calming down on the lifting by doing light weights and then take some days off before meet day.

So this week, I’m not gonna do much of anything. Don’t want to do too many physical things at all. I got to do stuff this week to get my mind off the competition. Gotta do stuff like play my guitar, play video games, watch movies, do some reading, etc. I’m also gonna start filming for “My Story – Part 2” this week as well.

I’m getting pretty stoked for my third powerlifting meet at Albany Strength gym this coming Saturday. I’m not nervous at all as I’m very confident that I’m gonna kick ass and bring it like I’ve been promising. I know I’m gonna do well. Of course, I’m gonna film all kinds of video footage of the meet for “My Story – Part 2”.

Can’t wait for March 30th, it’s gonna be a great day.


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