Plans for my power lifting meet at Albany Strength next Saturday…

So now it’s one-week out of the Power Lifting meet at Albany Strength next Saturday, I gotta start planning all my attempts for the big three lifts for that day. I’m gonna go for the numbers that I can do with good form, but I think I’m gonna challenge myself on a few things to get new PR’s that day.

I’m gonna write these planned attempts on a piece of paper and bring it with me to the meet.

Here are my 3 planned attempts for all three lifts for March 30th meet:


Squat: Attempt 1 – 115 lbs. Attempt 2 – 135 lbs. Attempt 3 – 150 lbs.

Bench: Attempt 1 – 135 lbs. Attempt 2 – 150 lbs. Attempt 3 – 160 lbs.

Deadlift: Attempt 1 – 285 Attempt 2 – 300 lbs. Attempt 3 – 315 lbs.


For bench, I wasn’t able to get 160 lbs. at all lately. I’ve got it once before and hoping to get it again next Saturday. Maybe it’s because I’m so used to unracking the bar myself instead of having someone give me a lift-off? That could be the reason I wasn’t able to hit 160 ’cause I was unracking the bar myself and making me weaker. If I have a spotter give me a lift-off, then maybe I’ll definitely smash a 160 lb. bench easily? I’m gonna give it a shot.

As for deadlift, I’m planning to challenge myself with a 315 lb. Last time I maxed out on deadlift at the gym a few weeks ago, I smashed an easy 310 and felt like I could do a little more. I think I’ll be able to smash a 315 with no problem. 315 lbs. is gonna be tough and I’m probably gonna be a little shaky but I think I can do it. We’ll see.

When you do a powerlifting meet, you have to make your opening attempts an easy lift. When I watch live powerlifting online, a lot of lifters open too heavy which is why they miss too many lifts. I’m not gonna do that. It’s a smart thing to do is to open your attempt pretty easy. Your second attempt should be easy too, semi-heavy but something manageable, ya know? When you want to challenge yourself with the big ones, that should ALWAYS be your final attempt. Make the first two pretty easy and then challenge yourself last.

If I happen to miss the 160 bench and the 315 deadlift then who cares? Not the end of the world. Just move on and keep working for it.

I’m getting excited for the next Power Lifting meet, though. The meets at Albany Strength are such a blast. I love showing off what I can do and love watching other lifters as well.

Btw, it seems like people are already enjoying the “My Story” video. 30 views on youtube and almost 80 views on FB. Not too bad.

The next “My Story” video will be the Albany Strength powerlifting meet so I think that video will definitely get a lot more views then. I’m already thinking about and plotting what “My Story – Part 2” is gonna be. “My Story” is gonna be an ongoing series, I think.


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