Results of the Powerlifting meet at Albany Strength from over the weekend just posted…

My actual last name is Brockway. It’s just that Brock is just a staged name for my online web presence. These are my best lifts for that day.

It was a great time.

Now to focus on their push & pull meet in August which is just a bench and deadlift meet. I wasn’t able to smash the 300 lb. deadlift at the last one but the next one, I should. I also have plenty of time to really bring up my numbers on the bench press too which is what I want to focus on. I want to focus on bringing my bench press numbers to 200 lbs. or more. I’m now on the road to 200 lbs. on bench and I think I can be able to get there this Spring/Summer.

I love Albany Strength gym. Wish I could live in Albany so I can be a walking distance near there ’cause it’s a very cool gym. Albany Strength gym is the best gym in the Capital Region.



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