I’m gonna need a new Ipod touch anyways…

For a long time now, I’ve been thinking about buying a new Ipod Touch and I’m definitely gonna do it real soon. I’ve been saving up for it. I have the old Ipod Touch 4.  It’s getting old and having all sorts of issues. Plus the IOS on it is really old and can no longer update to the latest updates. I’m noticing that I can’t sync music from Itunes to the Ipod Touch 4 since the IOS is so old on it so yep, I think I’m definitely gonna buy a new Ipod Touch and hoping to hit Best Buy next week to go buy one.

The Ipod Touch I’m planning to buy is the Ipod Touch Generation 6th, the 32 GB. Reading the reviews, I hear it’s real good. It has some more disk space on it and I’ll be able to have more albums on it. Plus it has a way better camera as it has an HD camera on it which is cool. The camera on the Ipod Touch 4 is shit.  I just want an Ipod Touch with a better camera so I can take videos and take pics for instagram, youtube and facebook and all that stuff.

So yep, I’m definitely gonna buy a new Ipod Touch next week and can’t wait. I’ve been meaning to buy a new one for a long time.

I’m planning to get a new Ipad too but I’ll get that sometime later this year. I’m in no hurry for a new Ipad but I’m planning on getting one sometime down the road, though.


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