See me do a 150 lb. squat for a triple…

During my squat session at the gym earlier this morning, I ended my session with a 150 lb. triple. It was pretty easy. Could have been a little deeper but definitely next time.

While it isn’t my max out week, it is still okay to do heavy triples, doubles and singles to end your sets with.

Like I said in the Instagram post, I’m thinking my estimated pr on squat for a 1 rpm might be 160 or 165 lbs. Maybe 170. I’m on the road to a 200 pound squat and I think I can get there this Spring/Summer. I’m just about there.

I hated doing barbell squats at first but I’m loving it more and more now.


3 thoughts on “See me do a 150 lb. squat for a triple…”

    1. I wasn’t really liking squats at first but now I’m really loving it. Takes a while to get used to, I guess.

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