Just ripped most of my CD collection into my Itunes library, now I have a pretty massive Itunes library…

Earlier this week, I spent a lot of time ripping most of my CD collection onto my Itunes library so now my Itunes library is pretty massive. Yeah, my CD collection is pretty huge as you can see. Why is my CD collection big? Well, I’ve collected CD’s throughout my life pretty much. Before the age of Itunes and digital music, I was going to record stores all the time when CD’s used to be a “thing”. Now that there are no record stores anymore, I buy a lot of albums from Itunes now.

I still do buy albums on physical CD when I can, though. I buy albums on CD from F.Y.E. and Barnes & Noble sometimes when I see an album that I think I might like. I used to buy CD’s from Best Buy sometimes as well but now Best Buy don’t sell CD’s anymore which sucks.

Looking at my Itunes library, I’m surprised at how many albums that I have by my favorite artists. I have 17 albums by David Bowie, I have 15 albums by Neil Young, 8 albums by U2, have 5 albums by Tom Petty, 7 albums by Radiohead, 7 albums by Opeth, have most albums by Metallica (except for “St. Anger” and “And Justice For All”), 7 albums by Megadeth, 12 albums by Kiss, 8 albums by Dream Theater,  7 albums by the Beatles and I can go on and on.

Kind of crazy! Yeah, I’m a huge fan of all those bands and artists I’ve talked about above and I’m trying to collect their entire discography. As far as Neil Young goes, I don’t agree with his politics but he’s still an amazing musician and incredible singer/songwriter. I’ve been a huge Neil Young fan for years and still am. There are still more Neil Young albums I want to get.

I have almost every Metallica album but I’m missing “St. Anger” and “And Justice For All”. I used to own those two albums on CD but don’t have them anymore and lost them somewhere. Looks like I’ll have to re-buy them and get them on Itunes so I can complete Metallica’s discography.

Only Led Zeppelin album I don’t own is “In Through The Outdoor” but I’ll get that from Itunes sometime.

I love Radiohead as you can see. Always did for a long time, I only need two albums of theirs and then I’ll get their entire discography too. Just “Hail to the Thief” and their latest record “A Moon Shaped Pool”. I’m trying to collect all Megadeth albums, all Kiss albums, all Opeth albums and all of U2 albums. The Beatles as well.

Yeah, I still love U2. Everybody hates them but I don’t care. U2 is still a great band and I love them still. Don’t care what anyone thinks.

I won’t collect every album of every band & artist out there, just the ones that I love. I just love buying music and supporting artists, ya know? That’s always been a huge part of me and it’s who I am: a music lover. There are some people out there who like to criticize and judge me for my music addiction but I don’t give a shit. I love listening to music. Have always been a music lover ever since I was a child.

A lot of people want to hate on Itunes but I don’t know why. Itunes is pretty cool in my opinion. You just gotta know how to use it in order to like it more.

The reason I ripped most of my CD collection onto my Itunes is ’cause I’m getting a new Ipod Touch pretty soon. Probably next week. Gonna go to Best Buy next week and pick up the Ipod Touch Gen. 6 (32 GB) and can’t wait.



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