Thinking about making an electric guitar rock demo… probably will…

For a long while now, I’ve been wanting to write original electric guitar rock songs. I’ve been playing the electric guitar more and more which I feel really good about. Ya know, I’ve been playing acoustic for so long that I just grew tired of it and I figure it’s finally time to get into electric guitar playing full time. I’ll never give up acoustic guitar, of course. I just want to focus on electric more.

I’ve wrote original songs on the acoustic for years but now I want to see if I’m able to write original songs on the electric guitar. If I were to start recording songs on the electric guitar, it would just be my and my electric. There will be no drums and bass behind them for now. It’s just going to be a demo.

I want to see if I can write much heavier rock songs. Write a bunch of riffs, put them together, write lyrics for them and all that stuff. Yeah, the songs will be more of a heavier rock side. I’ll probably use the Boss DS-1 Distortion pedal to write the songs with. I’m thinking the songs will be a mix of metal, grunge/alternative rock kind of stuff.

I’ve grown pretty bored of the acoustic finally and feel it’s finally time to rock. I’ve been learning more cover songs on the electric guitar too. I love the electric guitar and want to keep at it.

Maybe if I feel the upcoming electric rock songs will be good enough, I’ll find a bass player and a drummer so they can be full band songs. Would be cool.


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