Just bought a new Ipod Touch like I said I would… it’s the Generation 6 32 GB…

So yesterday, I picked up a new Ipod Touch. For a long while, I’ve been saying that I’ve been wanting buy a new one and finally got one. So far, it’s working really good and so far, I really like it a lot. I brought it to the gym with me yesterday evening to listen to it while working out and it sounds good.

This Ipod Touch is definitely way better than the old one. It’s a lot faster. The camera on it is definitely 10 x’s better. Best of all, the Ipod touch came with Garageband and Imovie. I’m glad I get to use Garageband on my new Ipod so if I have a song idea when I’m out and about, I can record the melody on it with my voice. That’s what I’ll probably use it for. Plus to record guitar riffs on it too, maybe.

As far as the camera on it goes, I’m very impressed with the camera. It’s definitely more clearer. I’m not just gonna be listening to music with the new Ipod touch. I’m also gonna use it as a camera too so I can take pics/video for social media and to make videoblogs with. I’ll take pics & video with my new Ipod Touch from now on.

It’s a very impressive gadget and I’m happy with it. I’m going to have to learn how to use the Ipod Touch Gen. 6 ’cause it’s pretty complicated right now but I’ll figure it all out, though. Getting the hang of things.

A lot of people want to criticize Apple products but I don’t know why. I love Apple so I don’t get all the hate. I used to hate Apple myself and wanted nothing to do with Apple products in the past but since I got my first Ipad, I’ve had a change of heart.

Speaking of the Ipad, I’m planning on buying a new one too but not right away though. I’m going to get a new Ipad sometime next year, I think.


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