I love music, can’t live without it…

I purchased some music from the Itunes store this week. Haven’t bought albums in a long while so I figure I’ll get some. Wanted to catch up on some newer albums that I’ve been wanting to get like the new Dream Theater album “Distance Over Time” which is a pretty sick album. I love Dream Theater… they’re one of my favorite bands and I’m trying to collect all their albums. I’ve been interested in the new Sammy Hagar and the Circle album too… their record “Space Between” rocks. Listened to Hagar’s “Space Between” album at the gym and that’s a sick album and Sammy’s still got it. I’ve been wanting to get Trey Anastasio’s new album “Ghosts of the Forest” for a long while and finally got it. That too is a really great record. As for Queensryche “The Verdict”, I’ve been getting into those guys more and more and trying to get more of their stuff so I picked up their new album which is also really good.

As for Larkin Poe, I think I found my new obsession. Larkin Poe is a great new artist that I discovered through Guitar World magazine so I decided to check them out for myself. Larkin Poe is a female duo who plays a mix of country, blues and rock n’ roll. One girl plays the guitar and sings, the other girl plays slide guitar.

As for Beck “Mellow Gold”, like the instagram post says, I used to have that album when I was young back in high school but lost the album so I re-bought it digitally. It was priced at $5.99 on Itunes so I decided to get it. I listened to that album at the gym and I still remember every song on that record. It’s a great record for sure. I love Beck. Have been a huge Beck fan for a long time and still trying to collect all his music as well. Beck is a talented songwriter.

I’ll probably get some more albums from Itunes in a few weeks ’cause there is still more I want to get. Some people may find it questionable that I buy a lot of albums but I can’t help myself, ya know? I love music. Can’t live without it and gotta be around music all the time. I’ve always loved to support bands and artists. That’s who I’ve always been. Yeah, the music industry maybe very liberal with their politics but I don’t care about their political views really… it’s the music I care about. If the artist is good, I’ll support them. That’s how it goes.


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