Almost 12 years of missing Jaliek Rainwalker…the police still haven’t forgotten… they are still investigating secretly and quietly…

It’s now getting close to 12 years since Jaliek Rainwalker went missing. The media has stayed silent on the case for a long while and finally Don Lehman of the Post Star gives us a new update on the case.

Yeah, it’s been a long while since we’ve had new updates on the case. The Greenwich/Cambridge police still haven’t forgotten about Jaliek. They’re still working and investigating the case, but they’re doing it very quietly and secretly. That’s the update on the case so far

The local news media may have stayed silent on the case for a pretty long time but an un-named reporter did go to the house in Vermont to try and talk to Stephen but the reporter was ordered to stay away by Stephen himself.

I’m not going to bother explaining what happened when Jaliek went missing when you can just simply do a google search and read the article right here for yourself… there are also plenty of podcasts and youtube videos out there explaining the story.

I think it’s safe to say that most everyone pretty much agrees that the adoptive father, Stephen had something to do with it. Most everyone believes it is homicide, including myself. There’s no doubt in my mind that Stephen probably killed him and dumped his body somewhere where he can’t be found.

Stephen continues to maintain that he has nothing to hide and didn’t harm Jaliek but he moved his family to Vermont, lawyered up and refuses to talk to anyone looking for Jaliek. Hmmmmmm… really.

You think that if you were being investigated in a missing person’s case, you would cooperate with the police so you can get the police off your back but Stephen doesn’t do that. Instead, he avoids people looking for Jaliek like the plague and hires a lawyer. Un-fucking believable.

12 years of missing Jaliek… still no remains and still no one locked up. The police really cares about Jaliek just as much as we all do and they want justice for jaliek too. All we want is justice for Jaliek. We want Jaliek’s remains to be found so we can bury him properly. A lot of us also want his killer or “killers” locked up. Lock up all those involved in his murder. It’s a tough case to solve ’cause Stephen covered his tracks too damn good.

Of course, not everyone believes that this was a homicide/murder. There are some that actually sides with the adoptive family and there are some who wants to blame Barb. Blaming Barb for the disappearance doesn’t make sense at all ’cause she wasn’t the last person to see Jaliek alive wasn’t she?

They think they can get away with it by staying silent but they won’t. They WILL get caught somehow and someway. I hope the police nails the adoptive father soon and fast. The sooner, the better though. They can go on with their lives, all happy happy joy joy but we will wipe those smiles off their faces once we do find Jaliek and we will find him somehow. The truth will get out there whether they like it or not. The truth is a powerful thing. You can’t stop the truth from getting out and it will happen. It’s gonna be slow moving but I think this case is solvable for sure.

While the local news media seems to have stopped caring, the Jaliek Rainwalker case seems to have exploded in the podcast industry which was pretty amazing to see. The longer he stays missing, the more people start to wonder and that’s how it goes.

We will find you, Jaliek and I’m still thinking of you, buddy. I want answers like everyone else. Glad to see that the police still care.



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