Why I like owning a large library of music…

I’m not afraid to say that I have a pretty huge music collection. Over the years of my life, I’ve collected CD’s for a pretty long time. I never really bought albums on cassette or vinyl in the earlier days, though. I just started collecting vinyl… my vinyl collection isn’t that big… it’s a small one for now but I’ll try to grow it when I can. Even though there are no record stores anymore, I still happen to buy music albums on physical CD every now and then. Nowadays, I just buy albums from Itunes ’cause I can’t think of any other places to buy music since record stores are a dying industry.

I have a pretty big collection of digital albums. Admittedly, I bought a lot of albums from Itunes and I’m not ashamed of it. I’m not one of those that will steal albums by pirating them ’cause I’m not that kind of guy. I don’t mind spending my money on artists and supporting them that way. I like to do it the right way, ya know?

I like owning a large library of music ’cause it can get kind of boring listening to the same things over and over. I like to support different music and bands/artists. I don’t buy all music out there, I only buy the stuff that I love. If the music grabs me then I’ll buy the album, that’s how I do it.

A lot of people won’t buy an album if they don’t like a few songs on it. Ya see, I don’t do it that way. I’m not very picky with songs on records. When I listen to records, I listen to it from start to finish like the way they’re supposed to be listening to. People in this generation don’t listen to music like that anymore. Nowadays, they only select songs they like on an album, put them on their Ipods and put them on shuffle. Nowadays, people are only listening to hit singles you hear on the radio on shuffle and they don’t listen to songs on albums that aren’t hits… in other words, they don’t listen to obscure stuff. I’m not the one that will say, “I don’t like this song and don’t like that one”. I just listen to it. Don’t complain and just put it on and enjoy. That’s how music is supposed to be listened to.

Sure, there are music I don’t like out there and when there’s music I don’t like out there, I won’t buy their music at all… lets say for example… I’m not a fan of bands like Halestorm and Nickelback. I stopped liking bands like Green Day, Godsmack and Bush… even though their earlier stuff are really good, I just don’t like the newer stuff they’ve been making.

I only buy albums from artists that I love.

What I’ll also do is that a lot of times, I’ll blind buy albums bands and artists that I never heard before ’cause I heard about them through music magazines or the internet. If I don’t like the album, I’ll get rid of it and if I like it I’ll keep it.

I try to buy the entire discography of bands and artists that I love like Led Zeppelin, Grateful Dead, the Allman Brothers, Metallica, Dream Theater, David Bowie, Slipknot, Slayer, Oasis (yes, I love Oasis), Opeth, etc. Those are some of the bands that I’m trying to collect all of their albums of… every album. I’ll collect every album of a band and artist that are my favorite.

I’m just a really huge music lover. You want to see a real music lover, look no further.

People like to criticize me for buying so much music albums but I don’t give a shit. It’s who I am. Even though I play the guitar and sing myself, I just like listening to music too. I like supporting others music. It’s what I do and what I’m about. Can’t live without it.


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