Purchased some more music from the Itunes store this morning…

So this morning I purchased some albums from the Itunes store… today I picked up:

Tool: “Fear Inoculum”, “Lateralus” and “10,000 Days”

Born of Osiris: “The Simulation”

Dream Theater: “Awake”

Dire Straits: “Communique”

Peter Frampton: “All Blues”

Yep, I got the new Tool album like I said I was gonna get and got their other two albums that I needed too.

I’m a huge Dream Theater fan and trying to collect all their albums. Only got a few left to go .

Born Of Osiris was a band that I’ve read about in Guitar World magazine and reading about them intrigued me so I picked up their new album “The Simulation” out of curiosity.

I’m just getting into Peter Frampton music so I picked up his new album, “All Blues”. Guitar World magazine had an interview with Frampton with him talking about this new album.

Yeah, I still like to read Guitar World magazine and that magazine helped spark my interests in bands and artists I’ve never heard before. Guitar World magazine got me interested in Dream Theater years ago ’cause they are always interviewing John Petrucci who is one of my favorite guitarists. Dream Theater is one of my favorite bands. I’m always listening to their albums. Been a fan of them for years. Never got to see Dream Theater live in concert but hopefully one day I get to.



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