Music I’ve been listening to lately…

While I mostly like to listen to old music from the 50’s, 60’s, 70’s, 80’s and even the early 90’s… I would do my very best to try to catch up on some new music that is out. It is hard for me to find new music nowadays that is good ’cause most of the new music in the industry is pretty bad.

A lot of times I would buy new albums from my favorite bands and artists. Sometimes I would discover new bands & artists that I never heard before at all that I really like a lot. For example, Tyler Bryant and the Shakedown is a fucking awesome band. They are a rock band that has a classic rock vibe… check out their new album “Truth and Lies”… it’s pretty great shit. Great guitar playing and great songwriting.

I’ve also discovered a metal band that I really like called Born of Osiris. They are a heavy band with screaming and growling but they are actually listenable, though. I’m not into the screaming and growling that much in metal but I can listen to Born of Osiris, though. That record they put out this year “The Simulation” is pretty fucking awesome. Get it if you like metal. I can’t stop listening to that one.

The new Abbath album “Outsrider” is a metal album that I really like and Abbath is a really good band. Love those guys a lot.

Other artists that I discovered are “The Highwomen” which is an all girl group of country singers. They are called a supergroup with 4 iconic singers. I’ve never heard of them ’cause I don’t listen to country too much but this is an awesome album, though. It’s an album that actually sounds like true country not that pop country junk you’ve been hearing nowadays. The Highwomen are a great group and you should still check out that album.

There’s a female blues artist that I recently discovered by the name of Samantha Fish who just put out a killer album called, “Kill or Be Kind”. That album is fucking HOT, trust me. If you want blues rock music that’ll get you to stomp your feet and make you bop your head up and down to, this album will do that. Samantha is a great guitarist and a great singer. This is my favorite new album this year. I’m gonna be listening to this one a lot, I think. I think I’m gonna be buying more Samantha Smith albums ’cause I’m in love with her music and she’s my favorite artist right now.

I’ve also recently discovered a new female artist I never heard before by the name of Weyes Blood. Oh my god, her latest album, “Titanic Rising” is absolutely mind blowing. This album came out this year but it’s got a 70’s vibe to it. The album has a lot of Beatles and George Harrison influence on it, that’s probably why I like it so much… plus Weyes has a singing voice that will send chills down your spine. This is an amazing record and I’d recommend this one to you too. I’ve also been listening to this one a lot. Powerful songwriting. Weyes Blood is an actual artist name, not a band name. She’s very good, though and I’m glad I got this album. I’d love to buy the rest of her albums too.

I like to listen to music at the gym a lot and these are the albums I’ve been listening to.


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