Purchased some more music from Itunes this week… check out what I got…

Now that I got all of Grateful Dead’s studio albums, I’m gonna start getting their live stuff now. So from Itunes, I picked up the Dead’s “Europe 72” and “Saint of Circumstance (Live at Giants Stadium”). I love the Grateful Dead and have been listening to them a lot. While their studio albums are fun to listen to, I’m sure their live albums will be even more fun. I never got to see the Grateful Dead live in concert myself back when Jerry Garcia was alive and that’s why I’m planning to get more of their live stuff.

I got the new Opeth record they just put out titled, “In Cauda Venenum” which is pretty good and listened to it already. Not their best album but I like their earlier stuff more. I’ve been a huge Opeth fan for a long while now and I freakin’ love that band. They are a metal/prog rock band from Sweden. I think Mikael Akerfeldt is a talented man, he’s a great singer and guitar player too. I’m trying to collect all their albums so I got two more of their older albums “Orchid” and “Still Life”. I got 10 Opeth albums so far and only got 3 more to go in order to complete their discography which is my goal. They’re my favorite band right  now.

I also got a couple of more albums by blues rock artist, Samantha Fish who I became obsessed with. She’s my favorite artist and musician right now. Love her so much. She’s a talented guitarist, a great singer, great songwriter and she herself is one HOT looking woman too… she has the full package.

I also got another Dire Straits album, “Making Movies” and trying to get all 6 of their albums as well. I love Mark Knopfler.  He’s one of my favorite guitarists and songwriters.

Also, got the new album by Rival Sons, “Feral Roots” ’cause I’ve been hearing so much about those guys. Read a lot of interviews with them in Guitar World magazine and kept hearing about them on the internet so I got this album out of curiosity. Rival Sons are a pretty hot band in the industry right now and everyone’s talking abut them so I’m finally checking them out for myself.

And lastly… got the latest album by Weyes Blood “Titanic Rising” which is really good shit as well as I talked about in a post before. She’s a really good artist

I’m a proud album addict and not ashamed of it at all. I love music and love supporting bands/artists. That’s what I do.



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