Will I ever join the USAPL so I can do their local and national meets??? Yes, I plan to do that sometime in the future but not right now…

Since I’ve been getting serious in the sport of powerlifting lately, some of you may ask, will I ever join the USA Powerlifting (aka USAPL) so I can start doing their local and national meets? I have powerlifting friends who are USAPL members and they do USAPL meets all the time. That’s how I got into powerlifting ’cause of them, they were my inspiration of getting into this

I was watching USAPL RAW Nationals live on youtube most of the day yesterday ’cause one of my powerlifting friends from NY was competing in Chicago for the RAW Nationals so I watched him on there. I also watched the RAW Nationals at night so I can watch Jonnie Candito and Russell Orhii compete. Candito and Orhii are two well-known powerlifters with their own youtube channels. I watched both of those guys compete on the live stream on youtube last night. Orhii was kind of disappointing but Jonnie Candito killed it, though.

I like to watch live powerlifting meets online all the time ’cause 1) It’s a blast to watch other lifters compete and 2) I use it a way to educate myself about powerlifting.

Someday I’m gonna sign up for the USAPL so I can start doing their local, state and RAW nationals meets. I think the USAPL would be good for me but I’m not ready for this yet. Why? It’s because I’m going to wait until I start hitting the bigger weights. When I feel that I’m good enough for certain numbers that I want that would be good enough for USAPL, I’ll start thinking about becoming a member.

For right now, my numbers for deadlift is about 290 – 300 lbs, bench is about 155 – 165 lbs, and squat is about 135 – 155 lbs. I feel those numbers aren’t good enough for USAPL, yet. When I start getting over 300 lbs. for deadlift and over 200 lbs. for bench and squat, I’ll start thinking about signing up for USAPL. For now, I’m not ready.

As of this moment, I’ll just stick with the smaller local meets like at Albany Strength and the Wilton YMCA.

My goal and my dream that I want to achieve in powerlifting is that I hope to become one of the greats someday. I do want to become the next Russell Orhii, Ray Williams, Ed Coan and Jonnie Candito someday down the road. I’m just not gonna rush and take my time. Be patience. Don’t want to get too ahead of myself.

Someday, I do want to compete on the bigger meets like the RAW Nationals Prime Time. One of these days, I’ll make it on there. I want to become a great powerlifter someday and there’s nothing wrong with having that goal. I feel that I already am killing it in powerlifting and already off to a great start.

I do love the sport, though and plan to stick with it for a very long time. The RAW Nationals in Chicago is gonna be happening all weekend so I’m gonna be watching a lot of it. Not only do I love to compete in powerlifting myself, it’s also a blast watching other lifters do their thing. Powerlifting is an inspiring sport, love it so much.

Some of you may tell me, “But Kev, you’re getting too old for powerlifting”. Nope. Age is just a number. It’s never too late to get into powerlifting. I mean, yesterday morning, I was watching the RAW Nationals and I’ve been seeing all kinds of middle aged men competing who are from the 50’s – 70’s age ranges or older. Those guys were lifting over 500 lbs., it was unbelievable seeing all that. If they can do it so can I. I’m only 42 now and soon to be 43 in December so I’m still pretty young but I can see myself doing this when I’m 70. If you want to lift heavy weights, age doesn’t matter. I’ll be a powerlifter until the day I die, I think… I don’t think I’ll ever give it up.


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