Trying to take my guitar playing to the next level… just want to keep growing as a musician and get better…

Ya know, I get really bored of playing simple and basic stuff on the guitar. Now I want to take my guitar playing skills even further and take it to the next level. I’m always trying to improve my guitar playing no matter what, though.

I want to improve both my rhythm and lead guitar chops. For rhythm, I’m just getting so bored playing chords in the open position all the time. My goal for rhythm guitar is that I want to be able to play chords all up and down the neck of the entire fretboard. I want to be like Pete Townshend and Bob Weir where those guys are just playing chords all over the neck. To do that, it takes fretboard and theory knowledge. You gotta have the notes of the entire fretboard memorized and have the root notes memorized all over the fretboard. To play chords up and down the neck, it helps if you know the root notes and octaves all over, that’s what I’m learning. Also, the CAGED System really helps too.

I just want to play more complex rock n’ roll. If I want to play harder and more heavier rock n’ roll then I need to learn more. I’m thinking of playing more “progressive rock” music. I want to play more than just barre chords and power chords. Listening to my favorite bands like Dream Theater and Opeth are both inspiring me to branch out more in my guitar playing.

Making rock riffs and shredding shouldn’t be that complicated. Most of the rock and metal guys out there, they all mostly use the 7 modes and the major/minor pentatonic scales to make riffs for their songs and soloing. I’m still trying to figure the modes out too and I want to get good at modal soloing and I’m trying that too.

For my lead guitar playing, I’m trying all I can to improve that still. I want to have a good ear and still practicing my ear training which is improving a little bit.

I’m not looking to become a “Virtuoso” guitarist or anything like that, I just want to write good music. I want to write good songs that I want to hear. I like to use the guitar as a songwriting tool and that’s pretty much it really. When writing rock songs or prog rock, I want to write everything from heavy/tight to mellow ballads.

For many years, people have accused me of not being an actual “musician” but I can prove people wrong. I can show people that I know my shit. I’m pretty good at music theory knowledge and I can play rhythm guitar along with a metronome pretty well. My improvisation skills needs a little more work and I’m working on that too, though.

I just want to make good music that I like for myself but if other people happen to like it, that’s fine too. I’ll get back into songwriting again at some point. Just still trying to improve my chops. I’ll get back into songwriting when I’m ready.


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