Defending the Hollywood film industry, do they deserve all the criticism and hate they’re getting in America??? No, not really…

Yes… the Hollywood film industry is having all kinds of problems… liberal politics, pedophilia, rapists, etc. All that stuff is going on in Hollywood but it’s kind of unfair that the industry is getting criticized and attacked for it all. Hollywood is getting attacked and criticized by both sides of the spectrum honestly. I’ve been noticing that as well.

Even though all this is going on, I can’t help but continue to watch movies ’cause well… ya know, I’m a movie buff and always will be. I know Hollywood film industry is having all kinds of problems but I continue to watch movies ’cause it’s what I do.

People want to treat Hollywood as if it’s the most evil thing. Yeah, yeah, there are gonna be liberals in Hollywood, pedos and rapists but not all actors, film directors, producers, etc. are gonna be. You can’t immediately assume that these celebrities are guilty just because they’re being accused of being a predator in the news. Some of them can be true and some of them can not be.

Yeah, there are bad people in the film industry but not everybody. Not all celebrities are die-hard liberals and not all of them are sexual predators. A lot of people in America just don’t seem to realize that many actors and directors in America are “conservatives” but they are keeping their conservative beliefs to themselves. I remember James Woods saying that on twitter. If these conservative stars came out as conservative, they would probably be blacklisted from Hollywood just like what happened to James Woods. James can’t get work in Hollywood anymore ’cause of it.

Anyhow I don’t believe Hollywood deserves to be attacked like this ’cause they’re the ones working very hard to entertain us. When you attack Hollywood and criticize them, you just don’t realize that all your favorite movies and TV shows you all watch… well Hollywood makes them all, duh. All those movies you go to in the theater and all those TV shows you watch on TV, Netflix or whatever streaming service you’re subscribed for… all of this entertainment… all that was from Hollywood.

Also, people like to say that Hollywood gets paid millions for doing nothing… well, that’s not really a fair criticism either ’cause people will never admit that making movies is a real hard job. It really is… I mean, think about it, right… making a movie takes years to make. They have to start from scratch to make a motion picture and it all starts from a blank piece of paper which is called a script. It takes a long time to write a script… then comes the pre-production which is work that you do before the camera starts rolling… meaning finding the filming locations, casting, costuming, make-up, props, etc. Then comes the production phase which means figuring out the budget and schedule which is mainly the producers job. Then the principal photography starts where all the filming begins which is the toughest work ever. When it comes to the wrap of the movie then the post production… which means this is the phase where editing the movie together takes place, adding in music scores, special effects (if there will be some), etc. This will be the final piece of movie making. Then comes the distribution… releasing the movie, promoting/marketing it, etc.

Making a movie is a lot of work and it can be a tough and overwhelming job. I mean these actors and film crew spends hours and hours making a movie throughout the day and night. They don’t get much sleep ’cause of it.

The acting part of making a movie is not so easy either. Some may think being an actor may be easy but it’s not. To be an actor, you have to be a really good speaker for starters and you can mess up your lines during scenes and it could take a while to get it right. To be a good actor, it takes a lot of skill and talent. These actors in Hollywood didn’t get in the industry over night. Many of them started off in acting classes and then they make their way to theatre first before hitting the big screen. Many actors starting off doing TV commercials and cameos on TV shows. If you think this job is easy, I wanna know what planet you’re living on?

I think Hollywood deserves more respect for these reasons. It’s real sad. Yeah, Hollywood is a mess, no doubt but I love movies and I’ll never stop watching them.


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