Got some more music albums from Itunes this week…

Earlier this week, I just purchased some more music albums from Itunes. Mostly older rock music this time. I picked up the new Ozzy album, “Ordinary Man” which is surprisingly very good and liked it a lot… along with it I picked up two older Ozzy albums which are Randy Rhoads era stuff “Blizzard of Oz” and “Diary of a Madman”. I’m a huge Ozzy fan… I love his solo material. While he is great in Black Sabbath, he is also a great solo artist.

That ZZ Top documentary on Netflix made me want to buy more of their music so I grabbed “Eliminator” and “Tres Hombre” from Itunes.

As far as AC/DC goes, got their first album “High Voltage” and an older Brian Johnson one “For Those About To Rock” (which I have on vinyl but needed the digital version). I’m still trying to collect all AC/DC records, their whole discography. Just love the band. I love both eras, Bon and Brian. Doesn’t matter to me.

Got another Korn album, “Untouchables”. I’ve been listening to Korn a lot lately and I think they’re just a fun band to listen to. That band has gotten a lot of mixed criticism over the years but I find them amazing. They’ve been labeled as “nu-metal” but I don’t think so… they’re still “metal” in my opinion. So they play 7 string guitars and de-tune and they get labeled “nu-metal”??? I think they’re a combination of rock & metal with maybe a little hip hop thrown in but this is an excellent band, though.

No more buying albums for a while ’cause these ones will keep me busy. I love music and can’t live without it.


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