Minor leg injury is gone but still gonna go to physical therapy for a little bit…

So my minor upper left leg injury seems to be gone. I don’t seem to be feeling it anymore so I’m good enough to get back into lower body lifting. However; though, I’m not really a big fan of this P.T. I’ve been going to. It seems like he’s trying to get me to stop the powerlifting which I will never do. It wasn’t the powerlifting that caused it. I blame it on the leg press… not sure how… maybe I went a little too heavy on it, maybe bad form, etc. Probably bad form ’cause bad form usually causes people to get injured in the gym most of the time. I’m back to using the leg press in the gym but being more careful and going slightly lighter.

My PT thinks it’s the imbalancing of my legs is what’s causing the injury and big lifts is what’s causing it but I disagree. It is just a strain and I think that’s all it was. Just a “strain”. Well it’s gone now. Now the P.T. notices that my hips and glutes are a little weak and that’s one thing I agree with him on actually. So I’m gonna continue to go to P.T. for a little while to do exercises and stretches to strengthen the hips and glutes. My hips and glutes are pretty weak and already, I’m googling exercises to try and help strengthen those too. I’ve started getting back into glute ham raises at the gym and should I get back to the barbell hip thrust too? Thinking about it.

I really need to strengthen my glutes and hips ’cause honestly, that would really help with my deadlifting and barbell squats.

I will never give up powerlifting, though. It’s just a minor injury that wasn’t to be taken seriously and already, people are making a big deal about it. Trying to talk me out of powerlifting training which I will never do.

As long as I’m not feeling it anymore, I should be alright to get right back into my strength training. I’ve already had this week. I stop the powerlifting and heavy lifting on my own terms, not everyone else’s. Whatever it takes for them to keep me going to appointments so they can make more money, I guess… but I’ll continue to go to PT for a little while longer.

I got to work on my flexibility too ’cause I’m not that flexible. I’m thinking of going back to Yoga classes this Spring/Summer and I probably will.

I love powerlifting training. That I’ll never give up no matter what anyone says. I’m gonna keep doing my thing.


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