Will be doing a live-stream 10 song David Bowie tribute real soon…

Yeah, I’m planning a live stream show for the internets real soon myself but I thought it would be fun if I did a 10 song tribute show to David Bowie. Since he’s one of my favorite artists and singer/songwriters and since I know more Bowie cover tunes than other cover tunes, I thought I might as well do some kind of tribute show for him. I know about 6 Bowie songs that I sing and play guitar on but I’m going to learn a few more Bowie songs that I never played before. In the Bowie tribute show, I’m gonna be doing his biggest hits and his obscure songs. I just want to perform my favorite Bowie songs.

I’m going to try to find a way to make it live stream at FB, twitter, instagram and youtube all at the same time. I’m sure there’s a way to livestream at multiple social media outlets, I would probably need a special app for that and I’m looking into that.

Bowie is my favorite artist and I’ve always wanted to do a tribute show for him anyways as I think it would be fun.

What songs will I be doing by him? I’m not going to say but there will be some surprises.

This week I’m going to spend all week practicing these Bowie songs and work on the other ones I want to learn. Hopefully this show will happen in a week or two.

I’m probably gonna make the show happen in the afternoon since more people are stuck at home and out of work.

It’s gonna be fun and can’t wait to do this… and no I’m not gonna be doing a “donating” pay-pal kind of thing like some acoustic musicians have been doing nowadays. I don’t care about money when playing music ’cause that’s not what I do this for at all.

I’ll be doing more than one live-stream show… I’ll be doing the Bowie tribute first and the second live stream show will be various cover songs. Stay tuned.


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