How am I doing dealing with this “no gym” thing… not good… not enjoying it to be honest… not gonna lie…

So most gyms in America are closed and most Americans are out of a gym. I’ve noticed that. Since public and commercial gyms across America are closed down, I’m noticing that a lot of lifters are trying to find other ways to lift. I’ve noticed a lot of lifters in the gym would to try to find friends or family members who have their own home gyms and lifters would use theirs. Even better, a lot of gym goers who had gym memberships have been buying their own weight lifting equipment so they can make their own home gym in their homes or apartments.

I’m noticing that a lot of powerlifters have their own gym now. They probably buy their own squat rack, bench press and barbell so they can continue their powerlifting training at home. That’s a good idea.

I could do the same thing if I wanted but I don’t have any space around here for my own home gym but what I’m thinking about doing is buying my own barbell and a set of weight plates so I can at least deadlift outside. I have no room for a bench and squat rack where I live but i could probably deadlift outside. That’s not stopping me… not sure if I’ll actually do that but I could if I wanted to.

This no gym thing sucks hard… Gov. Cuomo’s been promising that NY state would be open May 15th but since May 15th is getting closer… Cuomo ended up only opening parts of NY which means gyms and health centers in NY state will be closed a lot longer. NY Lockdown’s been extended ’til June 6th so hopefully gyms will get back open then.

Just imagine if I had to go throughout the whole fucking summer without a gym? Or worse, I could go without a gym for another whole fucking year

Uggggghhhh… I”m not ready to lose all my hard work and progress… but I have been doing some body weight workouts at home though and doing some stretching. I’ve also been doing a lot of walking outside whenever the weather’s decent.

After over 10 years of going to the gym and then I lose it all? The bodybuilding physique that I’ve always dreamed of having could be done but I not really.

Once the gym gets back open, I’m gonna be training harder than ever. I’ll probably lose some progress yes but I can get it back easily. I was just getting back to the gym full time after getting over a minor injury but now next thing you know, gym closes over a dumb virus that don’t even exists.

I’m hoping the gym will get back open this summer, hopefully June 6… if Cuomo extends it again, I’m gonna be pissed as fuck and that’s when I’ll really lose it.

The gym is my passion… my home away from home.

Gyms being closed is not only bad for the members and lifters, it’s also bad for the staff and gym owners/managers. They’re all out of work and because of this covid-19 thing, gyms are at risk getting closed and shut down for good ’cause they can lose money the longer they stay closed.

If masks and social distancing works then it should be safe enough to go back to the gym and I don’t understand why they still keep ’em closed. It’s all political, in my opinion… it’s just so that Democrat governors can make it look like they’re doing good things handling covid-19.

Gyms will be back open this summer, I’m calling it now. Cuomo’s gonna try to keep gyms closed forever but he can’t… pressure is gonna force him to get them back open just watch.


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