What TV show am I watching during this covid-19 pandemic??? I’m watching “The Sopranos”…

Some of you may wonder what TV show I am watching during this country lockdown… well I’m currently watching “The Sopranos” on Hulu. HBO just unlocked some of their stuff for free, a bunch of their shows and some movies… not all of them just some of them. So since the Sopranos is for free on Hulu for now, I figure I would watch this one.

I’ve already seen the first 5 seasons in the past when I used to subscribe to HBO NOW for a little while but then I stopped subscribing and only watched the first 5 seasons. Now that the show is for free on HULU and also HBO NOW, I thought I would re-start the show from the beginning as a refresher and I still remember every single episode. That’s okay ’cause this is one show that is worth watching repeatedly ’cause it’s that damn good.

I think HBO Unlocked is gonna be gone sometime this week so I probably won’t get to finish the whole show in time. I’ve never seen the 6th season yet which is the final season of the show which I need to get to.

I’ll probably watch season 4 this week and if Hulu locks HBO back up, I’ll find other ways to watch seasons 5 & 6. I’m probably gonna end up buying the Sopranos BluRay box set as pictured above which is gonna be $90 on amazon and I would like to own that for my BluRay collection. It’s definitely the best show on television… entertaining as hell and funny too ’cause it’s a comedy as well, it’s not just a crime drama.

What show will I watch after this? I’m thinking of giving “Tiger King” a shot since everyone’s talking about it and I’ll check it out for myself. I was meaning to get to that show too as it’s on my watchlist on Netflix.


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