Going live for the first time and trying to figure it all out…

So today, I was trying to figure out all this “live stream” stuff out since I never done it before. After a little investigation and playing around, I found that I couldn’t go on FB livestream ’cause I needed to install the Chrome Beta version of Chrome and so that’s what I did. I upgraded Google Chrome to Beta earlier today and Livestream there seems to be working fine.

I really want to use my hand held JVC Everio camera that I bought years ago but I need a camera connection converter box in order for me to use my Everio camera for live streaming, though. I’ll order one of those sometime in the future but for now, I’m just gonna use the built in webcam on this computer which seems to work fine.

Messing around with this live stream and preparing for it… I tested out my Focusrite Scarlett 2i4 audio interface so I can live stream the mic and guitar and that seems to work perfectly fine as well. You’re gonna really hear me really good with the microphone and guitar plugged in.

I’ve been rehearsing these ten David Bowie songs for my upcoming Bowie tribute that I’m dying to do and the songs are coming along really well. I think I’ll be able to nail them good enough and do ’em justice like I’ve been promising. If my David Bowie tribute show gets enough views, if it actually gets some views and enough people likes it… I’ll end up doing another Bowie tribute… do a part II and play 10 different songs in the set. For this tribute though, I got a good set planned and I think you’ll all really like it. I’ve been working on these songs ’cause I want to do ’em good and promise I won’t disappoint.

I’ve been trying to figure out ways to livestream on multiple social media platforms at once… be able to livestream on FB, Instagram and youtube but it’s all a real hassle and a pain in the ass so I’m not gonna do it. So what I’m gonna do is play my livestream tribute to Bowie on FB first and then bring the tribute show to Instagram and Youtube after. I’ll upload separate songs to IG and youtube.

Can’t wait to do this and I may go live for this first time this weekend. We’ll see.


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