Will I get the overpriced HBO MAX streaming service that just came out today??? No, probably not…

I actually thought about getting “HBO MAX” but if I were to get it, I would have to cancel out one of the other 4 streaming services that I got: Netflix, Disney PLUS, WWE Network and Hulu. I thought about getting “HBO MAX” but then I thought I don’t really need it for those DC/WB superhero films that are on there since I have them on BluRay anyways.

I thought about getting “HBO MaX” so I can watch the rest of the Sopranos but I’m probably gonna get the Sopranos BluRay box set sometime real soon, probably this summer I’m gonna order Sopranos bluray set from amazon. I also want to watch the HBO show “The Wire” too but I can also order the bluray sets for that show as well.

Yeah, the HBO Max has the Snyder cut of “Justice League” exclusively and I badly want to watch that but I’m not gonna get HBO Max for that. Hopefully DC/Warner Bros. will give the Snyder cut a BluRay release in the future. It is not yet known whether or not it’s coming out on BluRay but I think it will once they get enough people to beg them to put it out on BluRay/DVD. Now that we know that the Snyder cut really exists and it’s officially out, who knows when they’ll put it out on BluRay and that’s what I’m hoping.

Anyway, HBO NOW/HBO MAX are both very pricey streaming services. Probably the most expensive streaming services out there. I got Netflix, Disney Plus, WWE Network and Hulu ’cause they’re more affordable.

I got plenty of streaming content so I’m all set. No need for anymore. If there are TV shows I want to watch that aren’t on any streaming services that I have, I’ll just buy them on BluRay or something. That’s what I did with “Game of Thrones”, I have all seasons of GOT with DVD/BluRay.

There are so many TV shows that I want to watch, it’s hard to get to them all. One show at a time.

I see no point in HBO MAX… it’s just another Netflix competition nothing more, nothing less. All these streaming services coming out all the time but Netflix will always be the king. You can hate Netflix all you want but they are the pioneer of streaming services, they’ve started it all before all the others came out. Netflix was the first of the streaming services. Then Hulu came out after that.


One thought on “Will I get the overpriced HBO MAX streaming service that just came out today??? No, probably not…”

  1. I read online HBO MAX was offering $11.99 per month as trial with 1 week free

    Not sure how long the trial runs before the price goes to $14.99

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