RIP: Wilford Brimley… 1934 – 2020


Wilford Brimley was a well known commercial actor… that guy was such a star in commercials like Quaker Oats and commercials about diabetes that he earned a pretty successful film career out of it. He didn’t become a film actor over night, though, as it took him a long road to get there. In the beginning, he had no formal training as an actor and was pretty much self-taught. Like most actors, he got his start in acting through theater on the stage. Then he got casted for “The Waltons” TV show… him starring in those commercials I remember was later in the years.

While Wilford was mostly known as a commercial actor, he had some pretty huge roles in the movie industry though… like he was the leading actor for Ron Howard’s “Cocoon 1 & 2” and I remember watching those two movies a lot when I was young. Loved those two movies but haven’t seen them in a long time. He also had a big role in John Carpenter’s “The Thing” in which he starred alongside Kurt Russell. He also had a big role in the action movie “Hard Target” alongside Jean Claude Van Damme. Yeah, he was definitely in some pretty big movies over the years.

Brimley was also a Mormon as a member of the Later Day Saints and he was also a big Republican voter and conservative.

The year 2020 lost another good talent. The man was a great actor. I definitely remember watching him on TV a lot. “The Thing” is one of my favorite movies, though and he played a great character in it too. Wilford was the best part about that movie.



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