Aaaah the summer, more people go on vacations more during this pandemic…

Well this “pandemic” is still on obviously and vacation cities and beaches all over America are busy. People are getting outraged over that but I can understand why people would want to vacation while this country is still under lockdown. People are not gonna get holed up in their homes all summer during this nice weather, ya know? It’s not gonna happen. People just want to get some sun and get some fresh air… get out of the house. People are getting fed up staying home so they go on vacation and hit the beaches and I can’t blame them at all.

The reason people do it is because for a few reasons… they are bored for starters, hitting the beaches helps relieves stress while the country is on lockdown and their way of getting out to socialize with people since they can’t do that anywhere else. Yes, the big vacation cities are mostly on lockdown still and all you can pretty much do is hit the beaches but it’s still good to get out and be away from home for a while.

Yes, in big vacation cities all over America… you can probably eat at restaurants now and go do some shopping in some places but you won’t be able to go to malls, movie theaters, visit museums. I’m sure you can still do some sight seeing in some places, though.

I’ll be going to Cape Cod in a few weeks and there probably won’t be much to do but hit the beaches, go fishing and ride the bike on the rail trails. I’m not a fisherman at all but I’ll probably hit the beach and I’ll probably hang out in downtown Hyannis for the day ’cause restaurants and shopping places are back open there, I believe.

You can’t blame people for wanting to go on vacation in this pandemic. They’re fed up of this lockdown and want to do fun stuff while people are out of work.

I love Cape Cod and looking forward to going back.


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