Still doing a lot of online shopping while us is still on lockdown, nothing else better to do, ya know???

Well, we are still under lockdown but the US is slowly starting to open back up. I’m still stuck at home like most people are still. People are starting to get back to work full time which is good but there’s a lot of us stuck at home.

I’ve been still doing a lot of online shopping for myself throughout the summer just so I can defeat boredom. I know I’ve been treating myself a bit too much but what are you gonna do when there’s really nothing to do out there still, ya know???

I bought a bunch of music albums for myself from Itunes and picked up some physical CD’s at a record shop in Cape Cod. I bought a little over 20 albums but I didn’t get over 20 albums all at once, of course. I’ll list those albums in another post later but one album I got out of all those are Metallica’s new live album “S & M 2” which I’m excited to hear. I also bought the Metallica studio albums “And Justice For All” and “St. Anger”. I used to have those albums on CD so I rebought them last night and now I own every Metallica studio album they ever did in my Itunes library which I’m thrilled to have. I’ve been a Metallica superfan for a long time and still love that band today.

I also rented several movies through Google Play: “You Can’t Kill David Arquette” documentary, “Gotti” w/ John Travolta”, “Knives Out”, a few Clint Eastood flicks “Outlaw Josey Wales” and “Tight Rope”, “You Should Have Left” a thriller w/ Kevin Bacon and a war film “1917”. Gonna watch some of these this weekend.

I wanted to rent the new Bill & Ted movie “Face the Music” but it was 19.99 to rent so I didn’t bother and rented a bunch of other stuff instead.

I also have piles of books to read still and bought a few games for the PS4 w/ the newest “Call of Duty: Modernwarfare” that came with “Warzone” being one of them. Haven’t started that game yet.

I know I’m treating myself a bit too much but I’m freakin’ bored. Can’t help it. I’ll calm down with the shopping for a long while ’cause I got plenty that will keep me busy.

Anyhow, I’m sure some will look at me and call me “loser” with no life but hey, to make myself feel not lazy, I go for long walks and long bike rides throughout the summer so I won’t feel lazy and still be active. I exercise and stretch at home and have done some house work so I won’t feel lazy during the day.

So gyms are finally back and I’m going to get my gym account back and I’ll have something to do again. Gonna start going back to the gym next week probably ’cause I gotta get a a gym membership back.

Still playing guitar and working on my singing throughout this pandemic too. Other than that, life is great.


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