List of albums I got for the end of the summer…

Well, here’s the full list of music albums I got for the end of the summer. I didn’t get all these in one shot but admittedly bought a lot of albums this summer. Hell, I’ve always been a huge album addict ’cause I can’t help myself. Listening to music has always been a huge part of me…

Here’s the full list:

– Metallica: S&M 2 (live album with orchestra)
– Metallica: And Justice For All
– Metallica: St. Anger
– Ac/Dc: Powerage
– Ac/Dc: Ballbreaker
– The Who: Quadrophenia
– The Who: Tommy
– The Beatles: Let it Be
– David Bowie: Lodger
– David Bowie: Pinups
– David Bowie: Outside
– Rush: Permanent Waves
– John Petrucci: Terminal Velocity
– Eric Johnson: EJ Vol. 2
– Power Trip: Nightmare Logic
– Deftones: White Pony
– Sex Pistols: Never Mind the Bollocks
– Fleetwood Mac: Then Play On (w/ Peter Green as guitarist)
– Dire Straits: Love Over Gold
– Christone Ingram: Kingfish
– Larkin Poe: Self Made Man

Yeah, that’s quite a lot of albums that I got through the summer. Trying to catch up on some newer albums that I’ve been wanting to get like John Petrucci, Eric Johnson, Larkin Poe and Kingfish.

Got the Power Trip album ’cause I’ve been wanting to hear that “Nightmare Logic” album for a long while, not just because their singer, Riley Gale just died just recently.

As you can see got a bunch of older albums that I haven’t gotten yet too… mostly guitar music ’cause that’s what I pretty much mostly listen to is guitar music.

I was drawn into getting the old Fleetwood Mac album “Then Play On” ’cause I keep reading so much about Peter Green so I figure I would start getting old Peter Green music. Been reading a lot about Peter Green through Guitar World since he just passed earlier this summer. I think I heard the “Then Play On” album a long time ago on vinyl, just need a refresher.

I love music. Can’t live without it.


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