Going back to the gym this week… probably tomorrow…

I’m excited to go back to the gym this week. I’m probably gonna go back tomorrow. I was at first worried about a strict time limit at my local gym, the Battenkill Y… turns out there is no strict time limit under this pandemic there. You only have to shorten the workouts only if the place goes over capacity which never will be ’cause the Y will be a dead gym for a long while. Why, you may ask? Like I said in a post before… people will either be scared to go to the gym due to virus or they refuse to workout with masks on. Take your pick? That’s why gym crowd are gonna be dead for a long while.

Yeah, I’m probably not gonna like working out with masks on but I’m gonna do it anyways ’cause I gotta get my gains back and get more gains. I had no gym access during this pandemic and I can’t lose my hard work, ya know? Wearing a mask while lifting weights probably won’t be all that bad… although wearing masks while powerlifting training maybe a bit of a struggle, though ’cause your mask might snap off doing heavy singles, doubles and triples when doing bench, deadlift and squat. I’ll give it a shot this week to see what it’s like.

So there is no strict time limit so I can make my workout sessions for as long as I want. Usually in bodybuilding training my sets are usually 4 sets and 12 reps each for each workout and for my powerlifting training it’s usually 5 sets of 1 – 5 reps. I’m probably gonna continue it that way.

Did I lose some strength pr numbers for bench, deadlift and squat? We’ll see this week. Maybe I did, maybe I didn’t but if I did, I’m not worried about it. I can get back what I lost very quickly and get more gains.

Hopefully I never go through this ever again ’cause it sucked. Can’t live without the gym ’cause weightlifting is my passion.


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