Back in a gym finally and feels good!!!!

Well it feels awesome to finally be back in a gym today after a 4 or 5 month vacation from it due to pandemic. Been long enough so I’m finally back.

Like my instagram post says, I can’t get into crazy heavy lifting right away ’cause you’re going to feel a little weak going in after some time off. Today was chest day and did my 2 hour chest day.

I’ll admit that lifting weights with a facemask on is a little uncomfortable and seems even more “unsafe”. Kind of hard to breathe when working out, makes your mouth all sweaty and makes you feel even warmer. It’s kind of brutal working out with a mask on so I can’t blame people for wanting to avoid that. I’m gonna do it anyway, workout with a mask on ’cause I can’t lose my hard work. Not gonna wait any longer. So as gym reopened, I went back in asap.

It seems I did lose a bit of strength on bench… just “a little bit’ but not too bad. I can get it all back in a month or two easily. Just gotta stay consistent and I will. If I keep at it and never stop again, I can get back what I lost and get even more gains in the future.

If it weren’t for this dumb “fake” pandemic, I would have gone to the gym throughout the summer and that’s what I was hoping to do this year. My strength gains for bench, deadlift and squat would have been a little bigger.

Hopefully I still have my 300 lb. deadlift, though. I’ll give it a shot on deadlift day later this week. I miss deadlifting more than anything, though and can’t wait get back to that this week.


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