Governors in america don’t have the legal authority to bark orders at businesses, churches… they can’t tell us how to live how our lives either…

This is all so crazy and unreal. This pandemic is still going and lockdown is still here even though country is slowly opening up. Just so you know, governors in America (whether Democrat or Republican) don’t have legal authority to bark orders and give demands to businesses, churches and things like that in America. This is America. FREE COUNTRY! I repeat, A FREE COUNTRY! What happened to our free country America that we once had???

Businesses and churches shouldn’t have to go through all these strict restrictions and closings and all that bullcrap. Sure, the virus is probably real but the country didn’t have to be shutdown. Democrats did everything they could to get us to take covid-19 serious. They tried to get us to “stay at home”, didn’t work. They tried “wash your hands” and that didn’t work either. They also tried other things like “stay inside” and tried getting us to become big “germophobes”, all that didn’t work… so Democrats gave “social distancing” and “face masks” a shot which worked and everyone complied to those two things which to me is sad.

Governors don’t have the legal authority to bark orders at us and they have no right to tell us how to live our lives. This is just their opportunity to use “covid-19” as a way to give them more power and control. That’s all this is about… and also if you don’t think what we’re seeing is anything political then I wanna know what drugs you’re using? This is also a way to help get Biden elected and to help Democrats win elections… even Trump just said that on twitter which was funny. This is also the Democrats opportunity at destroying the economy which they are failing at that too and they know it.

So businesses and gyms are slowly opening up which is good but governors should really leave it to them as to how they want the regulations to be. Regulations during re-opening shouldn’t be all for gorvernors to decide. I mean, christ, Governors clearly said that businesses should reopen “carefully” with precautions and safety and that’s enough…. but sure enough… these governors continue to act like dictators and controlling them like you’ve never seen before. It’s unreal.

And about mask wearing, we shouldn’t have to be forced to wear them. “My body, my choice” remember that??? If you want to wear them, fine that’s you’re right but they shouldn’t force all of us to wear them. Masks don’t work, you can still get a virus with or without masks either way. Masks are more dangerous and even more unsafe. If these government people care about safety like they claim then they shouldn’t force people to wear masks.

I think all this pandemic bullcrap will be all over soon. Biden plans to keep all this going if he gets elected but it won’t happen. Once Trump gets re-elected, I think all of this will disappear. You’ll never hear about covid again and facemasks will go away too. I hope it will come to an end before the election, though. The sooner the better. I want this bullcrap to be over with myself. It’s gone on for too fucking long already.

Bands and musicians need to be out there playing music and Hollywood people need to be out there making their movies & TV shows. Sports need to be out there playing games and wrestling companies need to be back out there doing shows with audience. Everyone else needs to get back to work too.

Country didn’t need to be shutdown over a virus that kills very little amount of people. Everybody knows all the numbers flying around are inaccurate. Virus is probably real, yes but this pandemic didn’t need to happen. It’s a recoverable virus that no one wants to talk about. There are virus’s and other health issues that are way worse than covid-19…. AIDS, different kinds of cancers, heart attacks, heart disease, the flu… but we never got country shutdown at any of the other ones.

Covid-19 is a not the most extreme virus at all like the Democrats and the media trying to make it out to be. The real virus are the Democrats and the mainstream media.

Hang in there, y’all. It’ll all be over real soon.


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