Lifting weights with masks on at the gym is even more dangerous and unsafe…

Well, it’s my second week back in the gym. Ever since I’ve been back, I’ve been wearing facemasks while lifting weights and yes, makes me feel even more uncomfortable. It definitely seems even more dangerous and unsafe too.

While lifting weights, you need air and you need to breathe… a facemask just blocks the air. It’s real tough working out with a face mask on. With a facemask, it makes you feel even more warmer, a sweaty mouth with a facemask on is not good. Working out with a facemask on, you’re almost out of breath after a set and makes you feel you want to pass out.

Check out the video above… the guy in the video above decides to give it a try and show us what it’s like and what he goes through is the same thing I go through.

While King Cuomo mandated masks in NY gyms, some gyms in NY state ignores the “face mask” rule ’cause some NY gyms knows how dangerous it can be but other gyms strictly enforce the facemask rule like the YMCA. At the YMCA, I would workout without a mask on myself but if you get caught without a mask on, you’ll be kicked out of the gym and I can’t deal with that.

That’s why at the gym, I shorten my workout days slightly so I can get in and out for about an hour and a half or so. I don’t want to stay in the gym any longer than that ’cause it’s dangerous working out in the gym for a few hours. While working out in a gym with masks on, I already want to get out of there. That’s why I pick like 4 or 5 workouts to do each day for each body part. Go in and out real quick ’cause I don’t like lifting with these masks on but I do it anyways. Just not stay in there for so long, ya know?

Not only you need to breathe during your workouts, it’s also hard to concentrate and focus with these fucking masks on.

Yeah, I’m anti-mask for sure. I’ve hated facemasks since the beginning. It looks like facemasks will be around until we get a vaccine which is gonna suck. Facemasks won’t be a forever thing, though, they’ll disappear soon. It’s ridiculous that we have to get forced to wear these things. I don’t like it and they don’t work anyways.

Other than that, my workouts and powerlifting training at the gym is going well for the most part. Felt really sore all over my body for several days but the soreness is gone pretty much. Just gotta get used to the gym again.

Glad to be back… the gym is where I belong and it’s what I’m supposed to be doing.


One thought on “Lifting weights with masks on at the gym is even more dangerous and unsafe…”

  1. mountain climbing, iditarod, cross country skiing, snowshoeing…is far more of an aerobic workout than lifting. They don’t seem to be affected by face coverings that are even thick than cloth masks.

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