RIP Alex Trebek: 1940 – 2020…

I usually don’t get into game shows on TV much over the years… used to watch game shows when I was young. Some of the game shows I used to watch were “Family Feud”, “The Price is Right” w/ Bob Barker as host, “Wheel of Fortune” and of course, there’s “Jeopardy”. Alex Trebek was one game show host that I had the most respect for, though. The guy is legend… one game show host who is iconic.

Alex been hosting “Jeopardy” for over 30 years, started in 1984, I think. Ever since then he remained “Jeopardy” host until he couldn’t do it anymore. He definitely did stayed as host until he died. Last year when he went on national TV and told the whole world he was sick with cancer, that was ballsy and it made me respect him even more. Usually famous people keep these things private but Alex was never afraid to be publicly open about this stuff. Even though he was sick with pancreatic cancer, he continued to host “Jeopardy” for a little while but they were tapings due to the pandemic.

He definitely loved hosting the show “Jeopardy”… it was his passion and you can clearly tell that it wasn’t just for the money for him. He definitely loved the supporters and viewers of “Jeopardy”, that was why he went on the show to talk about his cancer publicly ’cause he didn’t want to leave his viewers wondering.

I definitely watched “Jeopardy” a lot over the years. I’m sure we all did. Now that Alex is gone, I don’t see how the show is gonna survive without him, though. Show is probably gonna go on but I predict the ratings will go down and no one will watch… simply because Alex is irreplaceable, ya know? I think they should just cancel the show but they probably won’t.

2020 took another good one. RIP Alex and thanks.


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