Will be getting toontrack EZ Bass and EZ Drummer both real soon, definitely gonna go for ’em…

Very soon, I’m definitely gonna be buying ToonTrack EZ Drummer and Ezbass… not at the same time but I’ll buy one those programs and get the other one another time. First, I’m planning on buying EZ Bass sometime this month. Toon Track Ezbass is a new program that ToonTrack just put out just recently. Toon Track is a bass player MIDI software… if you’re a recording musician and want to be a one man band but you don’t play bass yourself then that software is recommended.

I’m not a bass player at all by any means but for years I’ve always tried to find out ways I can be a one man band by making full band tracks myself. I was gonna buy a MIDI keyboard for my Focusright 2I4 interface that has MIDI connection and play bass lines through that way. For drums, I was thinking of using the Midi drums on Mixcraft or Garageband on my Ipod Touch. Now that I just discovered EZ drummer and EZ bass, it would be much easier for me to be a one man band.

I’ve researched both of those softwares pretty heavily so I know both are really good. On ToonTrack EZ bass, the bass sounds so realistic and you can play any genre of music with this including rock & metal.

As for EZ drummer, that software is very popular for musicians and they all recommend it. There are other drummer softwares out there but most recording musicians recommend EZ drummer than everything else. So I’m gonna go for that.

If I get both Ez bass and Ez drummer, I’ll be able to sound like an actual band with my music and that’s the goal I want to achieve. Someday, I want to make my own full band rock album. Start writing full band rock n’ roll is what I always dreamed of. Small baby steps, I guess.

I’m doing everything I can to get there. I’m going to buy Ez Bass first and then Ez drummer sometime in the near future. When I get these two softwares on my computer, I’ll be making full band tracks in no time. Can’t wait to get ’em, though and I’ve been looking into ToonTrack for a long time anyways.

People don’t think I’m capable of playing full band rock n’ roll, well, just you wait. You’ll be surprised to see that I do know my shit.

Will I be making metal songs? Yes, of course… but I’ll be planning on making prog rock metal so the songs I could be making could end up being pretty long. I could be making a concept album or whatever. I’ll be making some instrumentals too. Just whatever I come up with and make music whatever makes me happy. Hopefully it makes other people happy too.


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