Powerlifters lift with bad form and bad technique all over social media but yet it’s accepted by the public… what is going on???

The sport of powerlifting training has blown up on social media. It has gotten pretty huge online lately and the sport continues to explode… it’s even more popular now than ever before.

Since I’ve joined the powerlifting community now and have been for the past few years, you can betcha, I follow other powerlifters in social media and have seen plenty of powerlifters training through their social media pages like instagram, facebook and twitter mostly.

Powerlifters post their lifting videos… posting their “personal best” videos, ya know like maxing out and all that stuff. Showing off their newest pr’s is what they do. These guys and gals train during their off-season leading up to their powerlifting competition.

All this is fine and good; however, I’m seeing too many powerlifters lifting the big three lifts in bad form and bad technique everyday. It’s crazy. You point something out to them, it’s either the lifter themselves or their followers/fanbase would get immediately defensive.

What is the bad form and bad technique I’m seeing with the big three lifts: squats, bench and deadlift???

Well the squat: not deep enough… either squatting parallel or above parallel is what I’m seeing a lot. Too many squatters don’t squat deep enough and they’re all calling it a “pr”. Squatting below parallel is the right way to squat, upper leg area or the hip crease getting lower than the top of the knee is the right depth but many powerlifters don’t go that deep. Why do you think they miss a lot of squat lifts on meet day?

For the bench, I’m still seeing a lot of benchers that bench with their butt off the bench which is very dangerous, in my opinion… yet so many think it’s okay to do it and it’s also cheating. So many benchers bench like that, butt off the bench, yet it’s still cheered upon and accepted. I also disagree with excessive arching ’cause that gives you less range of motion.

With the deadlift: I’m seeing many deadlifters online deadlifting with rounded backs all the freakin’ time. Yet once again, it’s cheered upon and accepted. You want to deadlift with rounded backs, you’re asking to be sent to snap city so be my guest if you want to deadlift like that. Plus too many rush their deadlift setup and they deadlift with their hips too low as if they’re squatting it.

Many powerlifters don’t care about their setup and form/technique but I do. I take technique very seriously. I’m always trying to perfect my form on the big three and I’m still learning. So many powerlifters are in such a rush to lift the big weights which is why they don’t care about their technique which is why a lot of ’em end up getting injured.

Yes, lifting butt off bench while benching will cause injury. There’s a pretty good reason why powerlifting competitions want you to bench with your butt on the bench. Butt lifting in benching is a problem and so many do it anyways. Not sure why. Yeah, it probably helps them lift more weight but that’s because they have a huge ego, ya know?

Nothing wrong with lifting weights that make you comfortable and lifting the ones you know you can hit safely and responsibly. Yeah I know, powerlifting is all about lifting the most weight possible but I’d rather be safe than sorry, ya know?

Powerlifting can be safe and easy as long as your technique and form is good.

The powerlifting industry trying to push out that butt off the bench and rounded back deadlifting is okay but man, they are setting their lifters up for injury.

I would much rather lift with good form every time. My numbers are kind of low in the big three lifts but hey, what can I tell ya? I just leave my ego at the door and just smash the lifts that I know that I can safely hit. I’m being patient and taking my time. I can’t bench over 300 lbs. and can’t squat/deadlift over 500 yet but I’ll get there. It’ll take more time with patience and consistency.



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