Have a vinyl player, now to really start a vinyl collection…

As a Christmas gift from family, I just got a vinyl player which I’m psyched to have. I have a nice stereo system to hook it up with but I got a get better speakers sometime in 2021. I’ll start saving up for real good speakers that sounds killer with killer sounding bass and all. Trying to get a home stereo system for music playing. A stereo good for playing my Ipod on, CD’s and vinyls… I’ll play music through all 3 of those formats.

As for vinyls, I have a real small collection for now like 10 – 15 records but planning on to build it up a lot more. I’m planning on buying mostly vinyls from now on instead of digital albums. I’ll buy vinyl albums from old to new. Any new albums that comes out from a band/artist I like, I’ll buy on vinyl from now on instead of Itunes.

Time to start re-buying all of the discography of my favorite bands such as Led Zeppelin, Grateful Dead, Allman Bros., David Bowie, Metallica, Kiss, Ac/Dc, Van Halen, etc. Get all their albums on vinyl.

I’m definitely plan on re-buying the new Ac/Dc album “Power Up”, the vinyl version for sure.

I want to get as much vinyls as I possibly can. I love vinyls like a lot of people ’cause they have better sound quality than CD and digital for sure. I want to be a vinyl collector from this point forward.

I’ll also buy old and vintage vinyls from other people who has a vinyl collection and I’ll buy used vinyls from antique fairs and record shops that are still around. I’ll buy new vinyls from amazon and from stores like Barnes & Noble and FYE.

I have a small vinyl collection for now… if my collection starts to get too big and run out of space in here, I’ll figure something out.

I have a huge love for music and supporting bands & artists. It’s what I’m all about, yo. Always gotta be listening to music and being around it.


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